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Crescent Supply is the largest supply store for Firefighters, Paramedics and EMS in the valley. For nearly twenty years, Crescent has provided uniforms, embroidered job shirts, station t-shirts with logos, hats, station boots and more. Firefighters from several of our local Fire Departments are required to wear Nomex fire retardant uniforms from Workrite. A few years ago, 5.11 Tactical along with several local firemen convinced department heads to allow the addition of 5.11 Tac-Lite TDU's to their specs to be worn during certain occasions. Washing a fire truck in $100 pair of Nomex pants just didn't make sense. 

A few years ago, 5.11 Tactical did something amazing, they studied Medics, both male and female to observe their daily activities. They looked at many things, including how they knelt down, on one knee or two? Which tools did they need to quickly assess? Where on their bodies do they need to carry these tools in order to be most effective? Consequently, 5.11 Tactical introduced a truly functional EMS pants. This pant is now warn by almost every ambulance company in the world. 5.11 Tactical was the first company to understand what a "ladies fit" needed to be and they delivered. 

Features of the EMS pant include:

  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband

  • Double-reinforced seats and knees (kneepad ready)

  • Teflon® finish

  • Bar-tacking at all major stress points

  • Gusseted construction

  • Thich-mounted cargo pockets with internal compartments

  • Calf cargo pockets

  • Double-time belt loops

  • Teflon® finish

  • YKK® zippers and Prym® snaps